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Gaming Desks from the ultimate eStore. Get your Gaming Desk here, and be a member of the worldwide ProSpec Designs family, that already enjoy our designs.

Quality, Design and Ergonomics at their best. Multiple colors available to match your Gaming Gear and aesthetics. Developed and researched by our team for 4 years, to offer the ultimate Gaming experience. All our products indulge the feedback of gamers from all over the world until they reached production. One of these unique Gaming Desks are now available to transform your place into something exquisite. Be one of us. Declare your passion for gaming.

Check below all our Gaming Desks and get yours now!

What you all Gamers asked, is finally here...

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R2 Gaming Desk (BG)
599 599 incl.VAT
eBoxxx (BG)
95 95 incl.VAT
eBoxxx (BW)
95 95 incl.VAT
eBoxxx (BO)
95 95 incl.VAT
eBoxxx (BY)
95 95 incl.VAT
eBoxxx (BR)
95 95 incl.VAT
eBoxxx (BB)
95 95 incl.VAT
R2s AstroNAUT (Limited Edition)
R2s Stealth Wolf (Limited Edition)
R2s Polar Tiger (Limited Edition)

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